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The uElements project is an attempt to create a PERL based web portal system. This system is meant to have many many options and features, be fast, and be componet based. Each componet may be used alone or be used with the uElements Interface. If used with the uElements Interface, each componet will be treated as a module to the Web Portal, if used seperatley each will be treated as it's own program.

Also, uElements would be able to handle new 'modules' written to our coding standards and that speak UEA(currently being written). uElements will also be able to authenticate and talk to applications that speak UECP(uElements Control Protocol, being written). With UEA and UECP, uElements will be able to adapt to whatever purpose another developer may need it for.

uElements is written to be scaleable. There are 'simple-site' modes that can be enabled in most of the modules. These modes will disable many of the advanced functions and set certain options to suit you automatically. This means that people running simple sites won't have to fuss with advanced options, while those running large sites can use uElements in the way that best suits them. Everyone wins.

Current Projects:

uComp 2.0
uBBS 1.0
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