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  Subject: "uComp 2.0 Nears Completion" by Travis

As uComp 2.0 nears completion, the ease of programming and of useability of this new version is quite promising. If anything, it shows that the modular design that we have finalized on as a coding standard for this project was in fact a very good idea. More on uComp 2.0 as the news comes, excpect commits of the source code every few hours, and a beta release within a day or two.

  Subject: "Project Back" by Travis

After a long time out do to some private issues with developers, we are now finally back and ready to get started again. Our goals at this point are to finish uComp 2.0 and uBBS 1.0. After that, we will begin on the uElements Interface for the core of the Web Portal system.

Current Projects:

uComp 2.0
uBBS 1.0
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